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Power Pads

⁃ Firm and wide brake
⁃ Flexible accelerator for comfort
⁃ Cushioned leg rest
⁃ Open design for confortable seated riding

Jump Pads

⁃ Locks foot front to back
⁃ Shaped to fit pedals in closed position
  • Normal

    - Shoes and some boots size up to 9 US man / 43 EU
    - Tight fit, feeling of being hooked to the pedals

    *Measures taken with pedals centered vertically

  • Large

    - Shoes or boots from 9.5 US man / 43.5 EU
    - Looser fit, foot placed further back on pedal
    - Ideal for hiking boots or thick soled shoes

    *Measures taken with pedals centered vertically

  • Professional materials

    Made of durable and flexible TPU by 3D printing process

  • Quality Velcro

    Industrial grade Velcro pre-installed on pads (hooks) + velcro (rings) to apply on your EUC

  • Comfort and agility

    Extra wide for better support on the legs, direct and precise transmission of movement to the wheel

  • Made in Canada

    Designed and produced in Montreal, Canada