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North EUC

North Pads S18

North Pads S18

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This S18 Pad set allows amazing braking and secure foot position for all kinds of riding styles. Top pads also compatible for seated position.

Warning: you will need to remove your existing S18 pads that are held by adhesive double sided tape. A flat scraper tool is recommended for this step. You can then stick the provided velcro on the S18 to mount the North Pads.

*Optional: For added strenght, you may use cyanoacrylate glue (superglue) to hold velcro on more securely to S18.


  • 2 Power Pads (velcro pre-applied)
  • 2 Jump Pads (velcro pre-applied)
  • "Loop" velcro to be applied on your S18
*Large version includes 2 black pieces that cover the front "knob" on the jump pads for an optional tighter fit with top of shoes

Please note: this product is created by FDM (3D Printing) production methods. Visible print lines and minimal surface imperfections are considered normal

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